How to install the our whmcs registrar module

Contact support before following these steps  to install the reseller module in your whmcs installation:

1) To access the module, login to your client area

2) Go to 'Domains' → 'Reseller Area' to access your dashboard and click 'Settings'.

3) Add the IP address of your whmcs to the Allowed IP Addresses

    form, if there are multiple IPs separate each with a comma


Download the whmcs Reseller module from the 'Integrations" section and install it on your Whmcs.

Installation of Whmcs Module

Upload and extract the folder in /WHMCSDIRECTORY/, after extracting here this will automatically be added to 'WHMCSDIRECTORY/modules/registrars/upperlink_whmcs_module directory.

Login in to your Whmcs Go to 'Setup' → 'Products/Services' → 'Domains Registrar', you will find the module you have just uploaded (upperlinkwhmcsreseller), press the 'Activate' next to it.


Now, press the 'Configure' button, enter 'User Email' and 'API Key' provided along with the module.

You can find these data in your Client Area->Domains->ResellerArea->settings pages. use the email you used to register at upperlink and the API key you see on the settings page to set up the module, Afterwards, press 'Save Changes'.


**To continue, go to 'Setup' → 'Products/Services' → 'Domains Pricing'. on your whmcs

Under the Auto Registration column Choose upperlinkwhmcsReseller from a dropdown menu and 'Save Changes'.


Do this for all tlds you will be reselling under upperlink.

For pending domain registrations also change the domain registrar to UpperlinkwhmcsReseller.


**To add previously added domains you will need to login to your client area and navigate to Domains -> Reseller Area -> Domains Reseller, click on the Assign Domain button, and add all your previously purchased domains to your account. On your, Whmcs change your domain Registrar to the new reseller api for all domains bought from us. This will allow you to manage your domains.


Kindly open a support ticket if you need further assistance.

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