Connecting your Hosting to FileZilla

Accessing your hosting files with FileZilla is easy. Follow the following steps to get that working.

  Download and install the latest version of FileZilla from here. If you already have FileZilla installed, make sure you have the latest version.
  Once you have FileZilla running, you should add your site to the site list. A window will open showing the Site Manager.
  Click on the [New Site] button and give your new site a name. The domain name is fine. Fill out the form with the following values:

Host: <your domain name>
Port: <leave blank>

Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol

Logon Type: Normal
User: <your cPanel username>
Password: <your cPanel password>

Click on [Connect] and that’s it! You are now connected to your hosting using FileZilla.

  • Connecting your hosting to FileZilla, FTP
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