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Have you registered your tradename as a trademark and is your trademark protected online? A trade name may be the actual name of a business that is registered with the government (Corporate Affairs Commission), or it may be an assumed name under which a business operates and holds itself out to the public.

Similarly, trademarks consist of words, logos, symbols, slogans, and other devices that are affixed to goods for the purpose ... Read More »

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Upperlink over the years has acquired extensive experience in domain registration business. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by our clients, we have created an innovative, user friendly software for domain name registration .

New gTLDs
Coming soon for your registration are the New Generic Top Level Domains gTLD; an exciting assortment of TLDs to register your domains! Sign up to get updates on the New gTLDs. Domain Transfer Have you registered your domain elsewhere and are unsatisfied with the service? You can transfer your domains easily to us and start enjoying quality service.

.NG What is .NG?
.ng is Nigeria's Country Code Top Level Domain, and implicitly, the Nigerian identity on the internet.

Clarification on .ng and is the 2nd level extension which can be registered as, while .ng is the top level on which a domain can be registered directly without the .com. registered as

As is commonplace with several domain registries, the .ng registry is reserving some direct .ng domains they consider premium, for auction ... Read More »