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What is an Codeguard?

CodeGuard is a website backup service that concentrates on providing the best policies to Safe guard clients’ data. All Passwords, databases and website backups are encrypted and secure connections are utilized. Annual vulnerability testing is conducted regularly.

Codeguard Features

CodeGuard automatically monitors your website(s) everyday. When changes are detected, an email is sent with details of what was added, modified, or deleted with a timestamp.

CodeGuard works in a similar way to the GIT Repository system. After CodeGuard website backup service is activated, a scan is done on your website and a GIT repo is created in the cloud. onitoring processes detect changes to your website code and files and relays them to the CodeGuard repository. A record of the deletions is also made, If any files are deleted. Such files are then removed from the repository; additions are included and changes overwritten to form a new version of the website backup, which is then displayed within the user’s dashboard.

CodeGuard website backup installation is extremely easy to setup – All you need to do is use SFTP and MySQL details to connect to CodeGuard and the website backup monitoring process will kick in immediately. You will receive alerts for any changes and the website backups will start getting recorded with the option to restore from any point

CodeGuard Plans

Select the best CodeGuard for your needs


Choose the best plan for your website

₦24,000 / year
1 GB Disk Space
Up to 5 websites
Unlimited Databases
Automatic backup for 5 Days
Full website restore 3/month
Individual file restore 5/month


Choose the best plan for your website

63,000 / year
Scan up to 10 5 GB Disk Space
Up to 10 websites
Unlimited Automatic backup
Daily FTP scanning
File change Monitoring
1-time Scan for Web Apps, SQL Injection and XSS

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Business Support

Included with $500+ of monthly spend.

Perfect for businesses looking to scale with a bit of guidance, best practices, and technical support. Included when you spend $500+ per month on our platform.

Premier Support

High-touch support experience for a monthly fee.

Paid support plan for businesses with large production applications who want a high-touch experience with guaranteed response times and live communication with our support team.

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