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A web host is the physical location of any website while the domain is the address of that location. Without the web host, the address will take you to an empty location. A web hosting serves as an online storage centre that houses the information, images, video, and other content that comprises your website., provides web hosting services and maintain the server where the data associated with your website resides, and also manage the technology that makes your website connect to the Internet. We offer one of the best, affordable and reliable web hosting services in Nigeria.


Our web hosting is measured in the amount of disk space you’re allotted on the server and the amount of data transfer or “bandwidth” you need for accessing the server. If your website has a lot of interaction such as files to download, your hosting will be accessed severally on the server and you’ll need more Web hosting transfer space than someone who simply puts readable text on their website. The more content you have on your site, the more disk space you’ll need for website hosting.

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As a small or medium scale business owner, you can never underestimate the importance of including email marketing in your marketing strategies. Not just incorporating email marketing but executing it in the most appropriate result centric way. On average, every $1 you invest in email marketing yields you approximately $44 in return. With this nature of Return on Investment (ROI), it’s hard not to recognize the necessity of adopting email marketing as a valuable marketing asset.


Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing can be used to;

  • Contact customers
  • Distribute relevant contents
  • Delver company news and updates
  • Introduce new products and services to existing customers
  • Promote a discount on a product or service
  • Amongst many others.

Though these benefits of email marketing are juicy advantages you want to get, marketers don’t reap the full benefits because of some embarrassing email marketing blunders they make. Even with powerful email marketing platforms and tools, you can still make these mistakes.

For the sake of your brand, we put this piece together to help you avoid these top mistakes every other business owner make.


Using Generic Company Email Accounts

Before you start an email campaign, ask yourself the primary goal you wish to achieve; probably, interaction with your customers. With this goal in mind, you wouldn’t want to use email addresses such as or These forms of addresses may be suitable for organizational purposes, but they send a cold message to your readers that you don’t care about them. Surely, your goal is to get your readers’ attention not to organize your email; though it’s essential.

Instead, use personalized addresses which shows some empathy and passages a message that you care about your consumers and want to hear from them. This will help you develop a lasting relationship with your audience.


Only Sending Discounts, promotional and Sales Emails

It’s understandable that you want to tell your audience about your products and what they stand to gain. However, do you care about how they live, how they celebrate and how they feel about your brand? It all comes down to the issue of caring about your customers, being empathetic.

If you’re sending your audience emails on discounts only, you may be annoying your brand out of their minds. While promotional emails play their part in promoting your business, tune down on it. A more significant percentage of your content should be informative, entertaining and valuable while a lesser percentage should be the sales emails. This is the 80/20 rule. Instead of bombarding your customers with promotions, give them contents that’ll add value to their lives. You’ll be happy you did.


Broken Email Designs

Never use broken email designs. These are email newsletters that do not appear or function correctly across all platforms. Your emails need to look presentable and function properly across all email clients from Yahoo to Gmail, outlook, etc. Without a well-formatted design, subscribers can mark your emails as spam, thereby killing your brand reputation and undermining your marketing efforts.


Not Segmenting your subscriber lists

Surely, all your subscribers have different purposes for subscribing to your emails. These subscribers expect to receive emails related to what they subscribed for and not have their email box packed with messages irrelevant to them.

Segmenting your entire email list of subscribers into smaller, categorized lists according to what they subscribed for helps you target the right audience with their relevant information. Email marketing automation software can help you carry out this task effectively. Take your time to determine how your lists should be categorized and go for the software that suits you most.


Failing to include a Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is a command, request, push, etc. which urges a reader to take a step, carry out an action based on the contents of the material read. A Call to Action tells a reader exactly what to do.

Failing to include these in your marketing email is another mistake email marketers make. When creating an email marketing campaign, make a little time and strategize on the most suitable call to action to use. The CTA to be used should be determined by the action you want them to take including learn about a product, read your latest post, reply for more information, etc.

Whatever the reason for the email is, give your readers something to take a step with or your email marketing efforts will be in vain.


Conclusively, do well to determine the best frequency and timing for your emails. Sending too many emails annoys your subscribers and sending too few emails leads to lack of brand recognition from your readers. Determine the right frequency for you and go for it. Also consider the timing, tone, and persona of your audience while composing and sending out emails.

Furthermore, take analytics on every email campaign you carry out. This will help you know your strong points and your weak points and know how to channel in your energy and strategy in subsequent campaigns.

We wish you luck!


Is starting your businesses’ website one of your goals this year? Have you started a business website already?
Creating a custom email address is a priority if you don’t have one or considered having one already.
One of the most significant aspects of having a website is branding and ensuring your potential customers know exactly who you are and what you represent. To achieve this, you have to look professional. Just like you’d acquire a custom domain for your business website, you also need to get a custom email address to ensure you’re branded as a professional.
Do you still doubt why you need to go through the trouble of creating a custom email address? Here are several reasons why you need a custom email address for your business.

A branded Email does your marketing for you

Surely, you must have seen someone’s email address on a business card and looked up the website because you were curious. With an ordinary email address, it’s sure that can’t happen. When you use your domain/website name in your email, you’re getting your brand in front of more potential eyeballs.
Preferably, the custom email should appear in each employee’s email signature as well as on business cards and any relevant marketing material that people come across. Every place with the branded email is a new opportunity to attract a new customer.

You can further customize an email for each person or business sector.

With a custom email address for your business, you can create as many emails as you like, for different people in your business. Even if your business is a one-person operation, you can create email addresses for various sectors like customer services, orders, sales, marketing, etc. This gives the impression that your company is larger than it is, thus pushing your branding goals achievement further. You can continue with that until you employ personnel that will handle the individual emails.

You can standardize your email addresses

Yes, you can.
This is especially essential as you grow your staff. When you have your custom email address, you can use the same format for all other email addresses. Let’s say you used; you can provide emails with the same format for every employee that comes into your company. This ensures consistency in your business and makes it easier for customers to remember the formula for your company’s email addresses.

You can effortlessly switch control

There are instances when top personnel leave a company, taking their personal email with them. If they were using their personal email to conduct business for your organization, you’ve lost access to the emails forever.
However, with a custom email, you can set up an account under an employee’s name and redirect emails to go to a newly hired employee when the employee leaves. Alternatively, you can create a generic email for specific top roles, so that the new employee can take over the management of the account when its time.

You have nothing to lose because you’re already paying for it

It’s not like it’ll cost you extra to get a custom email address. If you’ve acquired a domain name for your website, you already can use that domain for your custom email addresses. Setting up your email account is easier than you think. If you don’t have a website manager or designer who can support you with setting it up, you can use the numerous free and easy to understand tutorials available online to do that.

Like stated earlier, it shows professionalism

Do you know that @gmail or @yahoo etc. screams unprofessional for a business email?
Who would you preferably go with as a customer; a salesperson that uses or one that uses
Using regular emails adds unprofessionalism to your brand and makes your customers see you as a brand they cannot trust. Since your competitors use custom email addresses, not having a custom email address can be the single factor why you lose some customers. You wouldn’t want the impression your potential customers should get of your brand to be smeared by something as simple as your email address.
Conclusively, when you create custom emails, give each employee the ability to change their passwords to their suitability and maintain the admin rights so that you can manage and transfer the accounts to other personnel when they leave.
If you’re a small or medium business in Nigeria that wants to be taken seriously, you need to get custom email addresses for your business. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and surely, you don’t want to miss it.
How potential customers see your business depends on that and just like you know, your customers determines to an extent how successful your brand will be.