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Linux is an open-source operating system and is one of the most popular Operating System (OS) among Web hosting providers. Most web hosting providers prefer Linux because it allows greater customization in server capabilities and user options. And when it comes to price Linux is the most popular option among web hosting providers When it comes to performance, stability, security and ease of use, Linux as a Web hosting platform is trusted and preferred? All file types, from PHP to Perl to WordPress to MySQL run much more easily on a Linux-based web host platform which is designed to work specifically with these data types. Linus web host platform use HTML files, which means most standard websites will work without any difference in performance. As stated earlier, Linux tends to be cheaper, and it will give you a consistent experience between hosts. It’s scalable, and gives room for the smallest shared hosting account to work on it in a comparable way to a dedicated server. A few basic commands will get you’re a long way on Linux, and your Upperlink host is there to help if you need assistance getting started with a new OS. Why Linux Hosting is So Much More Popular Than Windows Linux is the most common type of Hosting and according to, w3techs, it is generally accepted to have an overwhelming majority over Windows servers. Linux is More Affordable Linux can be installed for any purpose free of charge. Major web hosting company will rather use Linux because there are no licensing costs to cover, and so they can drop prices for individuals and businesses. The only thing a hosting company need to pay for when using Linus is the control panel tool. Linux is also the best operating system for slower machines. Web hosting companies can use older servers with Linux and get more use out of ageing equipment. Industry Preference Administration is easier in the web hosting industry with Linux. Robust management and maintenance tools have been developed for Linux servers over the years. Technicians have been shown around the Linux platform. Certification systems have also been setup which makes it easier to use compared to other forms of web hosting platforms as this reduced the number of support queries and knowledge amongst personnel. Over time, it was discovered that customers found it easier to use Linus but Linux can’t do everything customers need it to do. The little advantage Windows hosting has over Linus is that runs languages like .NET or ASP which doesn’t work on Linus hosting. Also, windows servers can run anything that a Linux server can run and this makes it a good all-rounder. In reality, most people use Linux because it is compatible with their languages. The cost saving of Linux is huge also, which is what really matters to most hosting companies and their customers. Organization like Wild Fusion Digital Agency uses Linux Server to host some of their Web Applications. A few basic commands will get you’re a long way on Linux, and your Upperlink host is there to help if you need assistance getting started with a new OS.

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