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  At, part of what we do is to help individuals and businesses register and consolidate their various domain names. We assist in helping to retract domain names and synchronizing all contact and name server details as required. Our platform is easy to use and we give support in areas where assistance could be needed. We also provide an opt-in domain name auto-renewal system so you never lose a domain name again.   All the domains on Upperlink can be used with various domain extensions such as .com,, .org, and so on. Every domain name is unique and it is impossible for two websites to have the same domain name. will only go to your website and nowhere else.   You can purchase a domain at these prices for one year on our platform with the following TLDs  .com ₦3450, ₦1100, .ng ₦9500, .org ₦4200, ₦1100, .tv ₦11700 and much more. To purchase a domain, start by checking if your preferred domain name is available.

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