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The world has gone digital, and it has affected everything down to how businesses are run. If you’re a small or medium scale business owner with a desire to compete on an equal playground with large scale businesses and multinationals, you need to adopt some business tools for startups to be able to fit in. These tools are products that’ll help you run your business daily and make the overall stress of running a business to reduce.

We highlight some of these business tools in this piece to help you in all areas of running your business. While some of them are premium, many are free tools for small business owners.

Business Tools for Advertisement

We deliberately started with this because these advertisement business tools help you market your business to a broader audience. While many of these tools require money for you to advertise, you get paid by others for using your website to advertise. Google Adwords, for example, is a premier PPC (Pay Per Click) search and display advertising network owned by Google. In Adwords, you pay to place your adverts in Google search results and across many websites where Adsense placement is offered. Google Adsense, on the other hand, is a display network also owned by Google where you get paid to host other businesses adverts on your website. Isn’t that excellent?
Some of other advertisement business tools include Clickbank, ShareASale, MaxBounty and so many others.

Business Tools for Analytics

These tools can be referred to as business tools for decision making. With analytics tools, you’ll get certain demographic data relating to your business. With these data, you can make informed decisions that’ll help your business move further. One of the most popular analytic tools is GOOGLE ANALYTICS, which is owned by Google and is a standard website tracking solution. If you don’t want Google harvesting your data or if you see Google as a competitor, you can go for PIWIK, an open source business tool for analysis where you’re in charge of your data.

Business Tools for Email Marketing and Automation

These business tools for email marketing and automation helps you reach out to your customers through email. They help you avoid the stress of sending out emails to thousands of customers one by one, by automating the entire email sending process. With these Email automation tools, email marketing is made easier. Popular among them is Mailchimp which is a free list based email marketing software with basic automation features. However, it has some slight restrictive features which make it unpopular, especially with affiliate marketers. Some other email marketing and automation tools include Active Campaign, Aweber, OptinMonster, etc.

Business Tools for Business Management

“Business Tools for Business Management” sounds like it covers everything business tool, right? No. No. Not at all. This deals with business tools that have to do with the sharing of files, invoicing and accounting, security, task and time management, etc. Popular amongst this is DROPBOX, a tool that allows you to easily share files between devices and keep a backup of your files in the cloud. Others include FreeAgent (For invoicing and filling of tax), 1Password (For security and password management), Xero (For accounting and online bookkeeping) amongst many others.

Business Tools for Content Marketing

These tools for content marketing helps you develop, arrange and post contents on your different online platforms. As you may have noticed from our earlier posts, content marketing is a vital tool for business promotion online. Some favorite Content Management Tools include WordPress which is seen as the best Content Management System on the web. It allows you to develop and manage your contents on websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, software services, you name it.
Another example is Buffer which allows you to create and queue social media posts in bulk for multiple platforms and post them at targeted times, optimized for your followers. YouTube, which we believe you must have heard of is regarded as the best website to host videos for free. With YouTube, your Content stands a high chance of going viral, which has a great impact on your business.

Conclusively, there are numerous other tools for small scale businesses. Whichever tool you choose, it’s necessary you consider the pricing and its relevance to your business.

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