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Before now, the .com domain names have been widely preferred by many internet users due to its popularity and the fact that it’s one of the first domain extensions to exist. However, today, the reverse is the case. Many people are beginning to understand that there are other domain extensions that’ll serve them better than the .com extension, depending on some critical factors.

One of such domain extensions is the .NG domain extension.

  1. What is .NG Domain?
  2. Why Register .NG Domain Names?
  3. .NG Domain Names Target Nigeria
  4. .NG Domain Names are Highly Brandable
  5. .NG Domain Names help you Rank Better on Google Nigeria
  6. .NG Domain Names help to Develop Nigeria’s ICT Infrastructure
  7. Cheap .NG Domain Names Price in Nigeria
  8. .NG Domain Registration in Nigeria
  9. How to Buy/Register .NG Domains?
  10. How Long Can One Register a .NG Domain For?
  11. How Soon Will A .NG Domain be Registered?
  12. Why Choose Upperlink for your .NG Domain?


What is .NG Domain?

The .ng domain is the domain extension for Nigeria. It is the country code top-level domain (cctld) for Nigeria as a country and is one of the most popular domain extensions in Africa. As of 2019, there were over 120,000 .NG domains registered.

.NG domains include and are not limited to .ng,,,,, and many more. Each variation is used according to specific requirements, and some are open domains, while others are closed domains that can only be acquired with extra documentation or special permissions.

The Nigerian internet space is fast developing, so having a .NG domain for your business is the right decision to make if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors. It’ll make your visitors know that you’re a business operating in Nigeria, and they could trust and choose you.




.ng Most commercially used .ng extension and is open for everyone, which makes it possible for anyone to be able to register it. Perfect for anyone looking to do business or start a blog or website in Nigeria. The second most commonly used and the most popular Nigerian extension for its affordability. If you can’t purchase a .ng domain, then you should go for a domain. This is suitable for organizations and non-profits operating in Nigeria. This is used mostly by higher educational institutions in Nigeria. It can only be registered by accredited colleges, polytechnics, and universities in Nigeria. There are special requirements for registering domains. This is used primarily by other educational institutions that are non-degree awarding institutions. If you own a school, this is the perfect domain extension for you. There are special requirements for registering domains. This is a highly reserved domain extension reserved for government bodies in Nigeria. You need supporting documents to register domains under this extension.


Why Register .NG Domain Names?

.NG Domain Names Target Nigeria

If you’re a business or organization with Nigeria as your sole target market, then we recommend you register a .ng domain name. Even if you have a global website and do not intend to design a customized website for your Nigerian audience, you can redirect traffic from your .ng domain to the global website. Doing business with a .ng domain shows you value your Nigerian customers.


.NG Domain Names are Highly Brandable

If you’re an internet enthusiast, you should know by now that short names are very easy to memorize and this is great for your business. The problem then is that almost all the short and good names in .com and other international top level domains are already taken. .NG extension gives you an opportunity to register many short and easily brandable names.


.NG Domain Names help you Rank Better on Google Nigeria

When it comes to local results, Google gives a high preference to country level domains because the search engine believes they have the most relevant result. If you have a local business, having a .ng, or any other .nd extension variance gives your website a competitive edge on Google Nigeria. Better ranking means increased traffic which consequently means more sales and revenue.


.NG Domain Names help to Develop Nigeria’s ICT Infrastructure

If you’re a Nigerian citizen, company or organization operating in Nigeria, it’s only typical to show your Nigerian identity online too. Other countries’ domain extensions like .uk, .au, .fr, .de etc are all popular because the website owners in the respective countries prefer their country’s domain extensions to the international TLDs.

When we work together, we can achieve this popularity for our country too. With the .ng being popular, we can push for Nigerian websites to be hosted in Nigeria. This will enable us develop more intern exchanges and keep Nigerian Internet traffic local.





Cheap .NG Domain Names Price in Nigeria

.NG domain price in Nigeria varies according to the registrar. At Upperlink, we offer the best .NG domains at the most affordable prices.

Domain extension

Registration price

Renewal Price

Transfer Price

.ng N9,500 N9,500 N9,500 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N4000 N4000 N4000 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N1200 N450 N450 N10000 N10000 N10000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000 N4000



.NG Domain Registration in Nigeria

How to Buy/Register .NG Domains?

Unlike what some people think, registering a .NG domain is an easy task that can be accomplished in 3 simple steps.

Three steps in buying a .NG domain include;

Search for your desired .NG Domain Name

Enter the domain name that you wish to buy into the domain search box on our website and then click search. We’ll notify you whether the domain is available or not. If it’s available, you can proceed with registering the domain as yours. If your domain name is not available, we’ll show you our suggested alternatives, and you can also search for another .Ng domain.

Fill your Registrant Details

When you’ve selected your .ng domain name of interest, you’ll need to fill up your details to create your account in our database. The details you fill-up will be used in your Domain’s Registrant Information.

Pay for your domain Name

This is the final step where you review your order summary and make payment. Once you’ve paid, your domain name will be instantly activated.


How Long Can One Register a .NG Domain For?

As of 2020, the maximum registration duration for .ng domains is 5 years.


How Soon Will A .NG Domain be Registered?

Typically, registration for open domain extensions (.ng, goes through instantly in most cases. Sometimes, some are delayed by the .ng registry for extra vetting.

However, the duration for registering closed domain extensions (,, etc) vary, depending on the domain extension. All domains in this category require extra documents and vetting, and the entire process could take several weeks.




Why Choose Upperlink for your .NG Domain?

Cheapest .Ng Domains

We offer you the cheapest .NG domains in the industry with many choices such as .ng,,,, amongst many others. We also offer reseller hosting package 

Accredited by NIRA

Upperlink is accredited by the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA), which is the .NG Registry in Nigeria.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee you 99.9% uptime on all our servers when you purchase your .NG domain or any other domain from us.

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Our team of experts assures you of maximum website safety and security 24/7

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We understand the unique needs of our clients, and we offer a dedicated support system that ensures all our clients’ problems are solved immediately.

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We offer you easy domain management with features like auto-renew, bulk updates, name servers creation, and many more.

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