How much does web hosting cost in Nigeria ?

Web hosting is a place where people store their websites’ information and various data. You can describe it as a compound that accommodates houses or mini houses. And what a web hosting company does is to rent out spaces for businesses and individuals to place their websites. In industry terms, web hosting rent out their servers to various clients in other to store their websites and provide internet connectivity so that other users can have access to the files on the websites.


So what are the types of web hosting and what do they cost?

First, there is Shared Hosting. Shared web hosting also called cPanel hosting is a type of web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. Shared hosting is a less expensive way for businesses to create a web presence, and it is usually not sufficient for web sites with high traffic. Shared hosting allows multiple websites on a single physical shared hosting server. You share space and other resources on the shared hosting server with other domains hosted on that server. On Upperlink, the prices varies relative to the bandwidth. The least being the “Starter”, a 2GB disk space and 5GB Bandwidth for as low as N1700 naira annually. And the highest being the “Platinum”, a 75GB disk space and a 250GB bandwidth for N45,000 annually. In between them, there is the Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Check the Shared Hosting Page for more details.


Another type of Hosting is the Reseller Hosting. This hosting is a type where the hosting company rents hard drive space and bandwidth to another company, a smaller or mid-size company, who then rents the same space in smaller bits to third parties. Reseller hosting is done mostly to make profit. It’s usually a good way to build additional revenue stream as a business.


While cPanel is shared for Shared hosting, on reseller hosting, each customers gets their own cPanel Control Panel login and there’s no mention of the hosting company renting the hard drive space, which is the major difference between the two. On Upperlink, there are three major types of Reseller packages. There is the min plan, midi plan and maxi plan. The disk space and bandwidth ranges from 45 GB space and 200GB bandwidth to 120GB space and 750GB bandwidth respectively, and costs between 32,000 to 75,000 annually.


Other type of hosting is the Windows hosting which comes in three packages and costs 700 to 2500 monthly and starts with a 2GB disk space and 20 Gb bandwidth to 25 GB disk space and 250 GB bandwidth. Check the windows shared hosting page for more information and start hosting today.

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