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All small businesses rely on getting paid by their customers in order to keep up with the costs of running a business and most of these small businesses rely on cash payment and very few SMEs have reached the threshold required to make accepting alternative payment options like credit card payments a financial feasibility. When payment arrives late on a regular basis, a business can experience financial difficulty. There are various negative effects that can impact small businesses as a result of late payments from customers, some of which include;

  •   The small business owners can no longer pay themselves salary.
  •   The business is unable to hire new employees, which adds pressures to existing staff.
  •   Some businesses are unable to invest in the necessary equipment their business needs to thrive in the ever-competitive world we are in
  •   Many small businesses cut their marketing budget, thereby negatively impacting their ability to pursue marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

However, thanks to the rise of the internet and the modern, digital global economy, small businesses now have a whole array of online payment solutions to pick from. These online payment solutions do not only open the businesses to a world of new revenue streams and opportunities but makes it possible for those companies to compete favorably within their respective industries. The good news is that these small businesses can now acquire online payment solutions to help their clients pay for their products and services more easily and more efficiently. offers quick and efficient online payment solutions to small and medium scale business, with a working and efficient payment system, your clients can be assured of ease of payment for the products they buy or services rendered to them anywhere and at anytime. The Nigerian financial sector has in recent times preached the ‘’ Cashless Policy’’ and slowly but steadily Nigerians are all following that trend, needless to say that in the nearest future almost all transactions will be conducted online without the buyer or seller having to see each other. Small businesses would often times complain about the cost of setting up an online payment solution, however when looking at the long run benefits of these online payment solutions to any small business, they far outweigh the current short term cost, and at you are assured of an efficient online payment solution at affordable rates, hence the issue of incurring excessive cost when setting up an online payment solution for your business.


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