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Blog commenting is a vital aspect of ranking your website or blog and bringing in more visitors to your site.  When people start to comment on your blog posts, the posts become more popular, and you’ll end up having a quality debate or discussion which will help in adding more popularity. Like mentioned above, this makes search engines take notice of your blog and shoot you up the pages.

In this piece, we highlight some necessary steps and things you can do to get more people to comment on your blog posts.


Encourage your readers to leave comments and inform them when they get a reply to their comments

Most times, people wait for a call to action before they can take action. Do well to incorporate a call to action that’ll encourage your readers to drop comments and their views on the topic of the blog.

Also, people can comment and never check back for a reply to their comments. When you set up your site and structure it to send out notifications when someone’s comment gets a response, you’ll get full discussions springing up. Undeniably this is a way to get more comments, that you want to try out.


Allow Comment Subscriptions

Allowing subscriptions to comments is a feature that allows users to get notifications of new comments on a blog post they’re interested in. Though rare, another way of a user getting updated on the comments on a post is by bookmarking the post and checking back later. To encourage comments, allow subscription to comments as it will help you increase your page views and comments.


Avoid the Use of CAPTCHA

Though CAPTCHA is an excellent way of preventing spamming, it can keep people away from commenting on your posts. It’s not user-friendly and may discourage people from commenting on your posts. To replace the use of CAPTCHA, you can enable comment moderation from your backend to ensure you don’t end up having too many spam comments on your website.


Allow Comments on Older Posts

Most content management systems come with a default setting to shut off comments on old posts. While this is great for some blogs, if you wish to get more comments on your blog, you need to allow posts on older posts.


Show Recent Comments

Undoubtedly, recent comments are seen as the latest and updated comments on peoples’ views based on previous comments. Showing your recent comments allows you to get more views as it makes it easier for new users to join the conversation.


Choose the right Web Host

Your web host plays a critical role in everything you do online that involves the use of a website, blog or any form of a hosted page. Comments take up quite a bit of space, and when multiple people leave comments on your site, it could slow your website down if your host is of low quality. If you’ve been following our posts, you would know by now, the negative effects of a slow website on your website productivity.

Choosing a good web hosting company like Upperlink.ng will give you the resources and capacity you need to accommodate all comments and retain your website speed.


Conclusively, don’t make a mistake most bloggers and website owners make by not replying to comments on their posts. When a real comment is made on your posts, respond to it quickly to encourage discussions and more comments. By adopting these six ways to get more people to comment on your blog posts, you’re sure to get the comments flowing in.

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